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ICT Proficiency assessment and application training/coaching

Application coaching for ICT specialists and professionals

This modular program focuses on specialists and professionals in the field of ICT and aims to help them to develop a job application strategy that will bring them success. The first stage of the proficiency assessment evaluates the employability of the program participants. It is followed by a range of different modules that can be attended and combined according to the participants’ individual needs and requirements. Individual assignments are set to ensure the practical application of the theory learnt in these various modules.


ICT professionals and managers develop a promising application strategy in various modules within 6-7 weeks and put it into practice.


Initial assessment (individual setting, 1 appointment)

  • Assessment of the current situation (work biography, qualification, competences, personality)
  • Creation of an action plan

Possible modules

ICT-specific professional assessment (individual setting, 1 appointment)

  • Elaboration of subject-specific formal and informal qualifications
  • Need for qualification measures to restore employability

Collective application workshop (group setting, 5 half days)

  • Assessment of current situation
  • Search area
  • Search strategy
  • Application dossier
  • Self-presentation / interview training

Based on the "Inverted Classroom" teaching method, the participants work out the learning content in self-study with the help of the "SAH online" learning platform. The application workshop builds on this knowledge and is designed to be learner-centred. Further questions are discussed in plenary or in small groups and exercises are worked on with immediate feedback. The focus is on the exchange between the participants.

Individual job application coaching (individual setting, max. 8 dates)

  • Reflection on current application behaviour and success
  • Preparation for specific job interviews
  • Addressing personality-oriented and professional biographical issues
  • Knowledge transfer of the acquired contents into concrete, promising job applications
  • Completion of the application dossier

For all modules

Individual work assignments

  • Testing and implementation of the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in the ongoing application process

Final interview and final report (individual setting, 1 appointment)

  • Assessment of implemented measures according to action plan
  • Checking the completeness of the application dossier
  • Achieved level of maturity of application competence
  • Discussion of the findings from the professional assessment
  • Obtaining the course evaluation of the participants

Educated ICT professionals and career changers with at least three years of recent experience in the IT industry in one of the following occupational areas of ICT as defined by swissICT:

  • Planning, Control and Consulting (PLAN)
  • Design, Engineering, Provision and Implementation (BUILD)
  • Operations, Administration and Support (RUN)
  • Project Management, Project Supervision and Project Orientation (PM)
  • Organization, Process Organization, Structural Organization, Process Design and Allocation of Occupational Titles (ORG)
  • Methodology-related Professions (AGILE)
  • IT Application (AWI)


  • A native language other than German
  • English skills corresponding to at least CEFR level B2
  • PC infrastructure: Internet access, word processing and accessories for video conferencing (camera and microphone) or smartphone

The modular program lasts 6-7 weeks.



Programme structure


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